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This game looks fantastic. I am totally grabbing this on Switch. Out of pure curiosity, what engine was used to develop this?

Does this game work in Wine?

Yes, I tried it on wine and it does work. But again as with all applications through wine, it does have a performance hiccup at times. 

I really like this game. I bought it on switch. I think there are a few things you could work on for the next project you guys work on. Combat feels slightly slow, but that is only a small problem. The other thing is that the writing feels a small bit stiff sometimes, and the main character is kinda unlikable. But I can get over these problems, as this game is certainly very interesting. And it also has a fantastic soundtrack, especially toby fox's track. Thanks for a great game!


Finally it released :3, now it's just a matter of get enough money to buy it :x


This is a unique looking game, Will this come with a steam key?


i play ...AND GREAT GAME ....BACK 90s very emotion me....THANK U BY QUEENFAITH89 :*


OoooOOOhHH I need to save up, it looks stunning~!


Your game is beyond amazing!! I love the asthetic and everything you guys have done to it. Keep up the amazing work!!


Thank you so much! Please spread the word. :) 


Oh I defiently will. Thank you again for making this wonderful game.