Announcing YIIK | Deviation Perspective I | Wrong Soul Requiem (v1.25)

YIIK v1.25 will be available on on January 14th.

The changelog for YIIK v1.25 is extensive, so I’ll do my best to summarize it.

Combat Improvements

  • New combat style featuring a simplified main attack mini-game
  • New weakness system
  • General Game rebalance
  • Improved Rory’s usefulness in battle
  • Bosses tweaked to be more strategically unique


  • Added reduced monologue story mode
  • Added Sensitive content warning
  • Added Sensitive content toggle
  • Added Easy mode
  • Added Auto text advance
  • Removed screen flashing
  • General bug fixes
  • Fixed bugs with side quests


  • Story teases for v1.5
  • Some new beats
  • Less lemonade

We incorporated player feedback when preparing this update. We would like to thank the YIIKcord Discord for their help in testing the game and providing meaningful feedback, and all who have emailed us their love for the game, along with some great suggestions.

After our discussions with the community, we focused on improving combat speed, balancing and strategy, squashing and polishing common bugs, and improving pacing.

We have created a reduced monologue edit of the game to address the last issue. We did our best to include story-critical monologues while preserving the original intent. During the opening questionnaire, players will have the option to choose between the original edit and the reduced monologue edit.

The new combat style features a simplified mini-game for basic attacks, character affinities, and weaknesses. The game now defaults to the new combat, with the option to turn on the original mini-game attacks, disable affinities and weaknesses on a character-by-character basis in the Config Menu, under Deep Strike.

While the update’s primary focus was combat and QOL fixes, YIIK v1.25 also features a drastically reworked scenario in the Sewer Dungeon accessible in Chapter 2. The change further expands on the game's lore and improves the quality of the original scene.

YIIK Deviation Perspective I Wrong Soul Requiem is the title we have prepared for the YIIK v1.25 update.

A Deviation Perspective is the “classic” YIIK scenario told from another perspective.

Players hoping to be surprised should skip the minor spoilers in the next section.

For this Deviation Perspective, we chose to focus on the Golden Alpaca. The scene is now told from the tonal perspective of a fictional IP in the YIIK Universe, from which the Golden Alpaca originates.

38XX PPC Electric City Golgotha: Crucifusion
A Film Synopsis

The 30 pieces of bloodless silver have been stolen. With these tempest metals, any evil deed, no matter how transcendental, can be brokered.

Arcangelo Alpaca, Interdimensional Demi-god, Savior of Shattered Space, must travel through dangerous dimensions and diabolical hellscapes of terror and awe to stop the thieves before it’s too late.

In the far reaches of reality lies his destination: Electric City Golgatha. A seedy underbelly of Angel Stocks, and Digital Soul Vessels. At the center of this debauchery is the COUNCIL OF DIMENSION BIZARRE ESQUIRE.

The motive and identity of the silver thieves are known only to this Shadow Firm.

By Holy Judgement’s Blade, he will track down the King and Queen seeking to make the dastardly purchase, no matter the risk.

Armed with the All-Seeing Eyes of God and Gleaming Fur, the Golden Warrior will travel to the ends of time and space to prevent a corporate merger from hell.

We have cast D.C. Douglas (Yoshikage Kira, Albert Wesker, Grimoire Noir) to portray the Golden Alpaca.

We look forward to you getting to meet the new Golden Alpaca.

YIIK v1.5 will include more Deviation Perspectives that similarly expand on and improve the original content. Please look forward to future announcements regarding this update.

You can also look forward to the YIIK | Deviation Perspective I | Wrong Soul Requiem Official Soundtrack, which includes a short story about the Golden Alpaca, his origins, and the greater YIIK universe.

album art by Brian Allanson

Featuring vocalists Amelia Jones, and Sapphire.

The soundtrack contains 18 new works. I have composed twelve of them, with the remainder composed by guest musicians Trevor Dalton MooreCheryl StelliJustin Rosin, and Brendan Kingsley.

Pre-orders are available now.

We hope you look forward to YIIK v1.25, available on Windows and OSX on January 14th to all those who already own the game.

Thank you for playing,

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I had no idea there was going to be more YIIK content! Games like this so rarely get meaningful updates. Does anybody know if there is a release date for 1.5? I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out, I think.

Just wondering; will this update be only for Windows and OSX, or for all ports too?

Aiming for next month. 

Thank you! I've been curious to play this recently, but knowing about the update will make me wait for now :)